Book Promotion Tips

Finally, you’ve finished writing your first book. So, what’s next? Well, your job does not stop there. The real adventure just begins.

Businesses take advantage of online marketing to build brand awareness, establish a reputation, boost traffic, and increase a high return on investment.

Promoting your book over the internet is also an effective promotional strategy. How to market your book online? In this article, you will know how to get started. Read on for more information.

Involve Friends and Followers in your Social Media Accounts

Maybe, you think of the newspaper or radio to advertise your book.

Good news! There’s a more advanced and safer alternative. In this digital age, the internet provides several possibilities. Social media, for example, are an excellent platform to reach your target audience, starting from your relatives, colleagues, and friends. Out of your thousands of followers, some people will show interest. If there’s no great response from the audience, write something relatable and thought-provoking.

Send Notification Emails to your Readers

Let’s say you have found your audience. What are you going to do now? It’s time to send them a notification email. State in the email that your book is already available. Provide platforms where they can make a purchase. Be sure to keep in touch with your new and repeat audience. After sending emails, follow up. Be courteous and professional. Most importantly, stay patient and calm.

Use Free Websites to Capture Attention and Create Demand

After sending notification emails, try to use popular websites to launch your book. Before anything else, identify your potential audience. Then, choose the most sought-after platforms for your advertising needs. Make sure the sites receive an influx of visitors from having a possible prospect. You should also add a book teaser upon publication. Create something catchy, worthwhile, and interesting. Ask help if the need arises.

Work with Opinion Leaders

As a new writer, you have a small audience. Don’t panic! You’re not alone. The secret here is to rely on influencers to help you advertise your book among their millions of subscribers. How much does it cost? Offer them some services. Or make an arrangement. For sure, a strong influencer is also considerate. So, there’s nothing to worry about at all.

People Love Free Samples

Readers want to be sure when buying a book. So, provide some free samples to help them make a favorable decision. As your audience start to enjoy your craft, they will talk about you, which increases traffic and demand over time. Just be consistent and provide something new. Also, consider their needs and wants.

Sell on Popular Ecommerce Platforms

You perhaps have heard of Amazon. Believe it or not, the platform has a significant influence on today’s market. Research shows more than 1/2 of online shoppers visit the site for product searchers, and the number is expected to grow this 2020 and beyond. Aimed at selling and publishing, Amazon is an excellent way to expand your audience, guarantee a high return on investment, and increase your popularity as a writer.

You can also write a press release or run a content with your book.