Best Publishers

There are many publishers to consider. What are the best publishing platforms you shouldn’t miss? Here are the most popular and reliable publishers you should take advantage:

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Owned by Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing publishes and retails books. Recent research shows that over 80% of book sales occur via Amazon. So, it is a must-try publisher for new authors.

Do you want to grant a 3-month Amazon exclusive distribution of your book? Then, enroll in KDP Select to promote your books through countdown deals and discounts.

Participation in the KDP Select makes your book available to subscribers of Kindle Owners Lending Library and the Kindle Unlimited. Depending on the pages members read, you can expect additional payments.


You probably have heard of CreateSpace. How does it work? As another platform from Amazon, CreateSpace uses print-on-demand publishing. A book is only printed when clients place an order. Under the Expanded Distribution Program, authors can make their books available to Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, and Ingram.


iBooks is next to Amazon as the biggest book retailer. It has been gaining immense popularity because authors can schedule discount offers and free books. But you should have a Mac and other compatible devices. Apple also offers a 70% royalty rate, and there’s no exclusive distribution contract.

Barnes & Noble Press

Popular as NOOK Press, Barnes & Noble Press accounts for more than 3% of book sales in the US. Similar to CreateSpace, this platform provides print-on-demand publishing. The rate ranges from 40% to 60% as royalty.

Other go-to publishers include Kobo, IngramSpark, Smashwords, Draft2Digital, Lulu, Bookbaby, and more.

So, what’s your choice? Publish your book now! Rely on your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social networking sites. When performed right, a high ROI and web traffic will be a reality. Contact any of these publishers and make your dream happen today.