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The Best Dating Blogs 2019-2020

Posted by Elaine Lucas on
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Dating blogs are some of the most popular blogs you can find online. They are still big thing nowadays and rightly so. People of all ages visit these blogs to learn more about how they can improve at dating, what they can do to become better at it, and which things they should focus on the most. Today you can find thousands of dating blogs online, each one of them focusing on different aspects of the dating game. In the sea of so many dating blogs out there, we have chosen the following as the best ones you can visit right now.

  • Sex, Lies & Bacon

This blog has been around for over a decade now, so it is well established and reliable dating blog. Owned by Melysa Schmitt, this blog gives you a great insight into how it is like to be a part of a dating game if you are a single mother. Being single mom herself, Schmitt shares her interesting stories and dating adventures with the public. Her posts regularly attract plenty of visitors, so make sure you check out what she has to say. Readers respect and trust her, and you can definitely learn a lot from her dating experiences.

We have all experienced dating fails in our lives. That is normal part of dating. At this blog you will see that you are not the only one experiencing tough times in the dating game. Dating Fails is a blog run by a married couple that shares here awkward stories about dating. You can also find many interesting stories and posts by visitors that you will certainly love to read. At this blog you will learn how to act and what to pay attention to in certain situations. Overall it is a very helpful blog to visit on daily basis.

  • Why They’re Single

If you want to share or read about other people`s dating mishaps, then this is a must-visit dating blog. The blog is owned by a man who has met his love online, but prior that has went through a lot. He shares his stories about awkward dates, dating on a fuckbook, ridiculous messages and emails with others, as well as photos and some shocking online matches. This blog will definitely entertain you and amuse you with its rich content.

  • Single Girl Blogging

As the name of the blog suggests, it is written by a girl that shares her dating ups and downs with the public. Her Snapchat nudes stories are often posted together with funny photos and infographics to complement the social media story. She is straight to the point when telling her experiences and is not afraid to openly say what is on her mind.

This entertaining dating blog is written by a 30-something year old woman that lives in Los Angeles. Her stories about dating adventures are very easy and interesting to read. You will also find some stories about horrific dates and some successful ones too.

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The Best Adult Blogs 2019-2020

Posted by Elaine Lucas on
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Dating game can be challenging and stressful. First-dates are especially overwhelming experiences that put a lot of pressure and stress to those involved. Meeting and talking with someone online is quite different from seeing that same person live and having a face to face conversation. However, dating is not all about stress and nervousness but it can also be a very pleasant and satisfying experience. It can bring euphoria to those who wait and make those butterflies fly in your stomach. Even if the date does not work out you can still be a friend to that person you have just met for the first time. Regardless of what happens, you should know that you are not alone in your dating experiences, adventures and journeys in life. Many people have already went through to what you are going through, so you can improve your dating game by following their helpful advice and tips. The following are some of the best adult blogs of 2019, where you can get informed about different dating things, learn some tips to improve your dating game, and check out other people`s experiences.

This is a blog where hundreds of people contribute with their unique dating stories. One man started this adult blog, but now it is just much more than that. Here you can get sex pointers, advice on how to be better at dating, how to flirt better when meeting someone, etc. A really unique adult blog worth checking out.

  • Soon2BeCatLady

This blog is run by a 30+ woman who shares her adventures in the dating game. You can read about numerous interesting situations that really happened on her dates. What makes this blog unique and popular is that it is written in humorous way. Besides reading texts, the owner of this blog also posts her podcasts and is often active on social networks where she gives her advice about sex and dating.

This blog is all about modern dating, sex and relationships and all things regarding dating game. Visitors of this blog are also very active, constantly contributing with their personal stories and opinions. There are numerous threads and interesting stories to read, which makes this blog one of the best and most popular adult blogs of 2019. You can find some interesting infographics too.

Dating Inquirer has been popular blog not just in 2019 but in the years before too. It covers everything regarding relationships and adult dating. You can read some expert advice by sex therapists and professionals and connect with some of the thousands regular visitors on the site.

  • Evan Marc Katz

Evan Marc Katz is a dating coach that has been through a lot in his life. He gives his male perspective about sex, relationships and dating in a very original way. You can learn more about men-women connections, important things to focus on, and how to successfully conduct a relationship.

  • Dating Goddess

Written by an experienced female, this blog covers everything about dating above age of 40. Mature dating and relationships are analysed from all aspects and at this blog you can get unique, honest and deep insight into how it is like to date, have sex, and maintain relationship if you are above the age of 40.